Awesome games sometimes break the Internet

IFTF updated the Foresight Engine (TM) platform with brand new technology for the futures games of 2016. We have added features such as mobile card play and big build card data visualization and many other features!

  • This included recent focused improvements for speed and performance upgrades from February’s massive Envision UCDavis game (with over 24k futures played…and we’re well on our way to beating that with Face the Future already!).
  • Just like the speed of innovation and the evolution of most new social technologies—much like life and the future—unforeseen things can always happen.
  • While we have the utmost confidence in our platform certain dynamics come with the success of lots of engagement and we could still break our games in new ways because of things we don’t yet understand.

Image of a dictionary excerpt that reads: In·ter·web ˈin(t)ərweb/ ; noun: humorous ; plural noun: interwebs; the Internet."


Again—it is new technology AND it is a game and a social experiment. We encourage all players to approach our games with a relaxed, playful, and patient mindset.


When thinking about the future we always encourage those who co-think with us to be comfortable with some risk, disruption and uncertainty. (Our colleague, world-famous Game Designer Jane McGonigal, reminded us that all of her biggest successful public games have broken at some point).

We encourage the player whole community to embrace the fragility that comes with gaming and total unexpected success and most of all BE PLAYFUL!

A Few Tips:

  • PLAY FROM TWITTER. If you find that there are breaks, time outs or application errors, people can always play cards via Twitter with the game #FeelThatPositive and #FeelThatShadow hashtags.
  • WORK THROUGH YOUR IDEAS WITH PEN AND PAPER. Get your ideas ready to play for when the site is back up. Ask yourself, “If FeelThat were to exist, what would change in our society? If that change happened, what else would change? What else?” Work to get through those initial ideas to really vividly imagine how different the world could be ten years from now, when we can feel what other people feel.
  • REMEMBER, Be patient, gameful and playful.