Before you watch the video …

This is a game of ideas, hopes, concerns, and predictions. In the game, you’re asked to imagine a world where a new technology, called the FeelThat Network, tracks and shares information about our state of mind and body. It’s like any other social network—but instead of sharing words, photos, or videos, we’re sharing our physical sensations and emotions.

The content of this video is powerful and designed to be provocative. The four scenarios are make-believe and, while they are based on real technology that is being developed today, they take place in an imagined future. However, the content feels very real and can be challenging.

This game is not about whether Facing History and Ourselves does or doesn’t support this technology or similar technologies that are being developed today. This game is an experiment in imagining the future; to think about what’s possible; and to be in conversation with other people across the globe about how the world is changing, how we want to respond to, prepare for, or try to affect or alter those developments.

Educators: Before you introduce your students to the game, you should read all the information in our Educator Toolkit. We also recommend that you show the full scenario video (below) to your students and provide time for them to process their reactions to the content.

Please Note: You must be 13 years or older to play the game.

Full Scenario Video: