Empathy is a Universal Necessity

Guest post by a student at Magnificat High School

I am really enjoying this game, and the opportunity it provides for me to learn about others’ opinions of a future with FeelThat.

This network could break language barriers, and may allow for communication even with intelligent extraterrestrial life, as 17walterk says:

Positive Imagination: The language barrier would be easier to break. If aliens were discovered, this would be a way to communicate with them. #bsi

I thought that this insight was particularly interesting, as this user recognized that empathy is a universal necessity. Not only should we be prepared to understand those we are presently familiar with; it is also important to sustain the core value of empathy as we encounter new, unfamiliar situations and people (and possibly, otherworldly beings!).

LilyRudofsky, however, argues that this may not be advantageous. Many other people on the site take similar standpoints, in saying that the increasing connection may only create more judgment, falsehood, and ultimately decrease our understanding of one another.

Investigate: Couldn't this leave us vulnerable? People don't often say what they feel and the aliens could take our feelings the wrong way. #bsi

Originally, I only thought of the expanse of possibilities brought along with a network such as this. Many of the users of FacetheFuture.org have expanded on the many possibilities I originally imagined, as well as provided foresight on the dangers such a connection could bring about. It is interesting to view both the pros and cons of FeelThat, as it is now clear to me that the network could prove to promote human connection or further complicate it. I believe it is our attitude about an opportunity such as this that impacts how we treat one another.