Round 2! More futures. More fun.

As we mentioned before, you are smashing records left and right. We’ve had over 20,000 more cards played than any game we’ve ever hosted on this platform in the past. Ends up all that enthusiasm filled the platform to the brim. In order to get the site back up and running we’ve backed up our first round of cards (all 39,396 of them!) and cleared the site for the next round of game play.

Let’s make round two even deeper and more vivid than the last. Push your thinking to the next level. Remember, this is the year 2026 and you can feel what other people around you feel. How would this impact how you go about your day? How you learn? Who you consider a part of your universe of obligation? The companies and products you interact with? The range of emotions you feel? The art you create? The hobbies you pursue?

Can’t wait to see your next round of ideas!