Smashing records left and right!! Now let’s take conversation to the next level

Wow wow wow. Face the Future, players, you are KILLING IT. You have smashed all of the records we have for Foresight Engine gameplay. Our previous record holding game? 2,583 players (with University of California, San Francisco). As of right now we have 4,061!!!!  As for previous record number of cards played, that record was held by University of California, Davis. They had 28,226 cards played. You all? You’ve added 29,315 as of 20 minutes ago. And the number keeps shooting up!

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 6.41.38 AM

As you play, we invite you to push beyond your first reactions to the FeelThat scenario to get to that next level of engagement. Try to imagine what a day in your life might look like, ten years from today, in a world where you’re wearing a FeelThat. What is the first thing you do?

Too lazy to go on a run? Pipe in the feels from another runner who actually managed to make it out the door.

Trying to wean yourself off coffee? Pipe in some energy.

Have a big brainstorming meeting coming up? Feel 5 different perspectives to broaden your mind coming in.

Maybe you’re working towards an empathy badge for school. Engage with two individuals from different regions – feel what they’re feeling and talk with them about the context around those feels, too!

Or your overbearing mom makes you check in with your feels with her every single morning…ugh. Good thing you have a secret feed with your friends to complain about it…

Those are just a few silly ideas. What are yours? What would your new morning routine be?